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Creamy Creations

Your journey to the milky way is just a splash away! These teas were made to be enjoyed with cream.

Steep and Sip

These teas stand alone! You can always add sweetner, but we prefer to drink these blends straight up.

Need to cool off?

If the heat's got you down, lean on these teas - they're delicious with a dash of your favorite sweetener, poured over ice.


Minutes to launch

These blends will reignite your energy, whether it's first thing in the morning or in the doldrums of the afternoon.

PrologueGolden HourOrchardStargazerTalisman

Brand new

5 star teas

Our top-selling teas - the right place to start if you're new to Astra.


Feeling Peachy?

If you love peach, you'll adore Orchard, our summery blend of black tea - it's refreshing and versatile, fantastic hot or cold.

One-cup infuser
One-cup infuser
One-cup infuser
One-cup infuser
One-cup infuser
One-cup infuser
One-cup infuser

One-cup infuser

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Make brewing as easy as 1-2-3 with our gorgeous and easy-to-use one-cup infuser. Just set the infuser into any mug, drop in a scoop of loose leaf tea, and brew! No more fiddling with those ball or other novelty infusers, and no more powdery, tasteless bagged tea. The size of our on-cup infuser allows tea leaves to fully unfurl as they brew, getting you maximum flavor out of each steep. The infuser's cover keeps your tea hot as it steeps and doubles as a spot for you to place your infuser once infusion time is up.